diana shpungin & nicole engelmann
attempt #1 jump, 2004
continuous loop dvd projection

attempt #1 jump, 2004
stills from video
continuous loop dvd video projection
dimensions variable


Out of gray a scene a hyper-realist setting of primary pallet come into view, a bright blue sky and the top ledge of a yellow building. One hears the sound of the wind blowing and a faint clicking. Two women enter from the left side of the frame and cautiously edge in along the wall, not wanting to fall. The figures appear cartoon like superimposed against what looks to be a manipulated background. Their blowing hair and the slightly out of focus image accentuates the romantic, painterly considerations of the scene. The two women stop moving as they enter the center of the frame, looking into the distance and down bellow. They reach for each other’s hand and jump. The slow motion of the action catches the length of their hair as they fall through the frame and disappear. The gesture is both beautiful and terribly tragic. The bright cheery color pallet is held in direct contrast to the weight of the subject matter. There are no clues as to whether the action is a forgery or real. The image of the empty scene is held long enough to ponder the disturbing stillness.
all images © Diana Shpungin & Nicole Engelmann 2000-2007